Analysis|| Global stainless steel production and variety

I. Global stainless steel crude steel statistics from 2007 to 2018

( ISSF : sub-region ) Unit / ton
Area / time 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 E2018
North America 260 232 194 261 249 237 245 281 275 293 275 300
Western Europe / Africa 867 827 645 787 788 783 750 757 752 771 738 780
Asia ( except China ) 899 807 713 861 877 872 928 933 946 996 1188 1390
China 721 694 881 1126 1409 1609 1898 2169 2156 2461 2577 2600
Central and Eastern Europe 36 33 24 34 39 36 30 28 26 25 30 30
Total 2784 2593 2456 3069 3362 3536 3851 4169 4155 4545 4808 5100

From the calendar year data above, it can be found that although North America and Asia (except China) have a certain increase in output, the growth rate has been slow in the past 12 years. Western Europe/Africa and Central/Eastern Europe even have lower stainless steel production than in 2007, with negative growth. China is the world's fastest growing region for stainless steel production. In 2007, China's stainless steel output reached 7.21 million tons. By 2017, the output reached 25.77 million tons. The overall growth rate is significantly higher than the growth rate of global stainless steel crude steel production. It can even be said that China has led the growth of stainless steel crude steel in the world with its own strength. In addition, starting in the second half of 2017, China's steel mills investing in Indonesia began to put into production, forming a new global stainless steel growth point.

From the comparison of the proportion of stainless steel production in various regions of the world, it can be found that except for China's proportion increased from 25.9% in 2007 to 53.6% in 2017, the proportion of other regions is different. In addition, the global technological revolution in the stainless steel industry is the fastest in China. Therefore, China is the focus of the global stainless steel industry chain.

II.the structure of global stainless steel varieties in 2007-2018

From the annual output of 730,000 tons in 2001 to 5.3 million tons of stainless steel in China in 2006, it surpassed Japan, which occupied the world's largest stainless steel crude steel output for more than 30 years, ranking first in the world.

III.  The demand for quality and quantity of chromium alloys in the stainless steel industry

From the perspective of global stainless steel variety structure, 300 series stainless steel has always been the most mainstream steel type, accounting for about 55% at present; the second is 400 series stainless steel, especially in developed countries such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, 400 series Up to 30% to 49%, the most important reason for the decline of the 400 series in recent years is that China's private steel mills have a great relationship with the development of 200 series stainless steel; the third is 200 series stainless steel, 2011-2012 China The large-scale production of 200 series private steel mills has increased the output of 200 series stainless steel from more than 10% to more than 20%. The main consumer markets for 200 series stainless steel are in China and India.

The innovation of stainless steel production technology has promoted thecontinuous increase of production in the world and various regions . The transformation of production technology has promoted the scale and specialization of the world stainless steel industry and the increase in stainless steel production. Especially in the past 10 years, the economy of developing countries has developed rapidly, and the demand and consumption of stainless steel have continued to increase, which has promoted the rapid development of the world stainless steel industry.

The development of stainless steel demand is closely related to the development of people's living standards. The experience of international stainless steel development shows that the consumption growth of stainless steel is quite rapid. Historically, the development of military industry has driven stainless steel. Nowadays, the rapid growth of civilian use and the expansion of the use of the field have promoted the rapid development of stainless steel demand. Nowadays, in our lives, we can see stainless steel from the tableware for eating, to the landscape of the city, the building of buildings, and so on.

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