2018 China-Africa SMEs Conference Held in Shanghai

Shanghai Luthan Comments: It was a great honor to attend this conference and communicate with the potential customers in Africa. As we can see, Africa market is fast growing market with great potential. This conference can help both China and African companies to have a deeper understanding of each other's business trend and culture. We welcome customers from all over the world to visit our company!

On June 5, sponsored by the Ghana, Ethiopian and Ningbo Business Committees.the African Union, Ethiopian Airlines, "China-Africa Small-Medium Enterprises Conference" was held in Shanghai.

Chief Editor of China City Chen Xiaoming, Chairman of Guizhou Longma Media, Xu Xiangfei, China-Africa Cultural Exchange Ambassador, General Manager of Sales, Ethiopian Airlines Shanghai Branch, Yan Nai, Director of Shanghai Yansheng Law Firm, Yan Ming, Chairman of China Mingxin Group, Youth Alliance of entrepreneurs Yang Mingxin. More than 300 guests from various countries attended the event, including Chairman of Donnor Business Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., the organizer of the event, Don Canno, and ambassadors from some African countries.


According to Tang Kenuo, Secretary General of the Organizing Committee, the "China-Africa SMEs Conference" has been successfully held in Shanghai for four sessions. The total number of participants is close to 2,000. More than 600 African entrepreneurs came to China to attend the conference. China-Africa entrepreneurs helped more than 100 successful docking projects. “Although we have successfully held four sessions and received support and praise from all parties, I hope to continue to do so. I hope to help more African entrepreneurs come to China, make friends with Chinese entrepreneurs, and learn from Chinese entrepreneurs. Help more Chinese and African entrepreneurs reach cooperation."

The Togolese Republic stated in its statement that China-Africa friendship has a long history. We hope that African entrepreneurs will come to China to learn and get more help. We also very much welcome Chinese entrepreneurs to invest in Africa.

Ethiopian Airlines Sales General Manager Yunas said in an interview with the media that Ethiopian Airlines has entered China for 45 years and has established offices in Chengdu, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Beijing. However, we also hope to expand our business scope in China."

Both Yan Dansheng and Yang Mingxin expressed in their speeches that China and Africa have special and profound relation. Africa has a long history and culture and a huge market. Chinese entrepreneurs hope to follow the era to enter and develop Africa and strengthen cooperation with African entrepreneurs. African entrepreneurs are also welcome to come to China for study, study and cooperation.

According to the organizers, in addition to the one-on-one face-to-face business communication for the presented Chinese and African entrepreneurs, this event also organized four days of visits to Shanghai and Ningbo to visit and negotiate."



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